About Us

The Burgundy Girls are your friendly gals next door.
We want to inspire you in the pursuit of the good life –
to make more, cook more, do more, try more.
Let’s get tipsy over a bottle of wine together and
bond over how nice your new boots are.

We are:

Laura Kathleen (left) and Amanda (right) in the early days

My name is Laura, but I like the sound of Laura Kathleen better, and I liked it even before the last season of Project Runway. I am currently living the life of a writer and freelancer, learning lots and working way too hard.

I am totally hedonistic and live a life full of passions which include: eating and making awesome food (this is my primary pleasure in life); drinking often (coffee first, beer, wine, or tea second); taking film photos (no digital here!); writing and watching myself get better at it (see more below); finding inspiration from movies, old and new; riding my old beat-up bike; days spent in bed; all things cats (this should really be at the top of the list); thrift shopping, partly because I’m on a tiny budget and partly because that’s how you find the best shit; and pretending to be as crafty as Amanda, in terms of knitting, decorating, baking, nail painting, and hair-doing.

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I’m a copywriter by trade and a lot more besides. I keep my hands busy making knits and jewelry, painting my nails in fancy ways and making food that tastes too good to be good for you. I love the thrill of the thrift store and sadly lack a green thumb. I spend a lot of time telling my dog he's the handsomest boy in the world. I’m a Leo, but I think that cusp of Cancer’s had a good influence on me.

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